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Espen Fossum

+47 982 63 990

Espen Fossum has long experience from corporate strategic advisory services, especially related to Norwegian power companies. Before joining THEMA he worked for Econ Pöyry, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance and Arthur Andersen. Espen is an expert at facilitating strategy processes on both corporate and business level. He has also advised many Norwegian municipalities on strategic issues regarding their ownership in power utilities. He has in-depth knowledge of regulatory and political issues regarding the power industry. In addition to strategic advisory Espen also has experience from M&A, investment analysis and corporate valuations within the power sector. His areas of expertise include corporate governance, corporate and business strategy, market analysis, business development, corporate finance, M&A, investment analysis, and valuations.

Espen holds a Master of Science degree in Financial Economics from BI and Indiana University and is a Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst from NHH.

Flat network charging across Norway will increase network costs »

Achieving climate goals requires significant investment in the electricity network. The associated costs are borne by customers. If network charges are equalised nationally, overall costs will increase and electrification will be made less cost-effective.

THEMA advised Kraftinor and SKS KraftSalg in the Polar Kraft merger »

We have been engaged as process facilitators by both companies for the entire merger process, from initial talks through to the merger into the new company – Polar Kraft – from January 1st, 2018.

2017 set a new record for THEMA’s involvement in restructuring projects »

Across the 25 projects, we provided a wide range of services related to merger and acquisition activity, including analysis of potential economies of scale and synergies, valuation, due diligence and ownership strategy.

Innovation the topic of the first Smart Energy Network (SEN) meeting »

THEMA’s partner, Smart Energy Network (SEN), held its first member meeting on Tuesday 21st at Sentralen in Oslo. The topic for the first session was Innovation.

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New report available: Benchmark of power companies’ financial results »

THEMA Consulting Group is each year publishing a financial benchmark: “Benchmark of power companies` financial results”. The report includes a detailed analysis of financial key figures for 13 selected power companies.